Kosciuszko Bridge

On July 25, 2017, main span of the iconic Kosciuszko Bridge was lowered onto a twin barge system, ready for its final journey to a scrap yard in New Jersey. The main span will be dismantled and recycled in a facility in NJ. 


Eight 500-t strand jacks worked in sync, lowered the 2400-ton main span of the 80 years old Kosciuszko Bridge in nine long hours. The entire operation was completed smoothly without a single glitch. Team of ironworkers from Queens and Brooklyn worked together with the management and engineering team of Skanska Kiewit and Ecco III, JV (SKE) for the past eight months in preparation for this moment. UrbanTech is proud to be a member of the team, acting as the design engineer of record for the lowering system used for this operation.